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The wait is over. ultimately it’s the following. .. the a lot expected 4th variation of John Watson’s Play the French  – the must-have booklet for all French Defence gamers for over two decades! Watson’s hugely acclaimed paintings offers a repertoire for Black within the French Defence opposed to all of White’s famous strategies.

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F4? Rxd4 Re5 The position is completely equal, but in time trouble Piket creates some difficulties for himself. Rd3+ Ke5 Black has some edge. Rd3+ Ke5, with a drawn endgame. f3! Maybe this is the only move. b4= , all the pawn endgames after Rc3 are drawn - the black king doesn’t have space for an invasion. Rg2? Kg2, catching the rook. Ke4 White still has to find several precise moves. g4! Rb1 1/2-1/2 Round 11: Triumph of the “Barbarossa Plan” (Rapid Review by Eugeny Atarov) January 26, 2001 Adams,M - Fedorov,A 0:1 Tiviakov,S - Van Wely,L 1/2 Kasparov,G - Timman,J 1:0 Anand,V - Piket,J 1:0 Ivanchuk,V - Shirov,A 1:0 Kramnik,V - Leko,P 1/2 Morozevich,A - Topalov,V 1/2 It was Judgment Day for the tournament’s favorites!

This is unbelievable - we both missed it! f5 White has a clear advantage. This might help you to understand that in the last round I didn’t want to risk. d4. Qa2 Qa5+ Adams has already played this line against Bareev. That game was drawn. Of course, we analyzed it with Yuri Dokhoian and we found a way to improve the line. gxh4 I think that White has some edge in this endgame. Kc2?! This inaccuracy lets Black equalize the position. Nc4, and White’s position is more comfortable. Nc4 After the exchange on d5 the endgame is equal.

He had to defeat Timman in order to cut his way to the top. It’s well known that Jan always gets prepared for his games against Kasparov and, sometimes he even presents him with unpleasant surprises. This time Garry wanted to frighten the Dutchman with his "London revelations," but after the opening he got almost a worse position: Black easily developed his pieces, got rid of all unnecessary pieces, and just waited for his opponent’s reaction. However, Kasparov confidently recaptured the initiative and retained it untill the end of the game… In the endgame Timman could have resisted for a long time but he decided to lose at once.

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