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The wait is over. eventually it’s the following. .. the a lot expected 4th version of John Watson’s Play the French  – the must-have booklet for all French Defence gamers for over twenty years! Watson’s hugely acclaimed paintings offers a repertoire for Black within the French Defence opposed to all of White’s famous innovations.

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Well, every human being has a limited reserve of energy. After yesterday’s battle with Anand, Veselin needed some rest. The fate of the first place in this event will be decided in his game with Adams. July 21, 2001 Adams - Morozevich 0:1 Leko - Topalov 1/2 Kramnik - Anand 1:0 Kramnik - Anand This game demonstrated one more time that Anand has been unable to play on his former high level. c4 dxc4 The champions continue their old theoretical battle. They played the Queen’s Gambit Accepted five times in their rapid chess match in Mainz.

Qd2! White is going to bring his queen closer to the black king from d2 to f4. Qf4 Ra7N A novelty. Indeed, Black places his rook on a7 not only in the Slav Defense (see Morozevich’s games), but also in the Queen’s Gambit Accepted. Vishy is planning to bring his rook into action along the seventh rank. Qg4 f5?! d5! This sequence occurred in the game Tkachiev - Lesiege/New Delhi/ 2000. Rad1 Bb7 Black’s last two moves look really strange. Bb7! Rad1? Nc4, suggested itself. Bd3 b4 and Black has a normal position.

Nc3, with White gaining chances for attack. Qd7!? g4!? Rfe8! the position is unclear. Qc7 Qf6! Black intends to play along the light squares. For instance, the maneuver Ne7-f5-h6-g4 is part of his game. White has his own advantages, though. It’s a pleasure for him to see the black c6-pawn and the g6-knight. However the game is drawn! Nd1! 1/2-1/2 Mig Greengard All right, I've taken enough physical and mental abuse this week and it's long past time to fire up the nachos and pour myself a tall tumbler of Stolichnaya.

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