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By Michael Swan

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1 completely – used in order to emphasize what you are saying: He uses an altogether different method. | Smoking in public buildings is banned altogether. 2 considering everything or the whole amount: There were five people altogether. | It did rain a lot, but altogether it was a good trip. USAGE Use altogether to talk about the total amount or number of something: The vacation cost about $2,000 altogether. Use all together to say that things or people are together in a group: Try to keep the puzzle pieces all together.

C] a person or country that starts a fight or war ag·grieved /@'grivd/ adj. angry or unhappy because you think you have been treated unfairly a·ghast /@'gæst/ adj. [not before noun] suddenly feeling or looking shocked ag·ile /'ædZ@l, 'ædZaIl/ adj. 1 able to move quickly and easily 2 someone who has an agile mind is able to think quickly and intelligently —agility /@'dZIl@Ôi/ n. [U] ag·i·tate /'ædZ@"teIt/ v. [I] (formal) to protest in order to achieve social or political changes: workers agitating for higher pay —agitator n.

This year, however, the weather was surprisingly mild. in spite of/despite – even though something happens or is true: We enjoyed the day, in spite of all the problems with the car. | Despite the heat, he still refused to take off his jacket. nevertheless/nonetheless – in spite of what has just been mentioned: A lot of people are coming to the meeting. Nevertheless, there should be enough seats for everyone. 2 but: No, I’ll do it, although I appreciate your offer. A altitude al·ti·tude /'ælt@"tud/ n.

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