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By Krishna Chakraborty Banguly (ed)

ISBN-10: 8185348073

ISBN-13: 9788185348070

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MSS Dfdhitivyäkhyä. S. Mahal Library. L. Collection No. 885, Tanjore, Dinakara. Dinakarl. Siddhäntamuktävaliprakäsa. MSS Diyäkara. Nyäyanibandhoddyata comm. —available from Vängälir Särasvata Avadan pt. I Vange Navyanyäya Carcä. ) Divyänanda Sarvatantrasvatantra, Sri Jagadi^a Taräkälankära Viracita Avacchedakatva nirukti with 'Lakshml' Uikä by Dattätreya 1 LNL/92 25 Divyänanda—contd. Sästri. Edited by Dharmänanda. Väränasi, Bharatiya Vidyä Prakä^ana, 1968. 20, l33pe 22cm. A. Siddhantalaksanam with Didhiti, JägadiSl & Laksmi tika by Divyänanda.

Calcutta, the eidtor, 1897. 162p. 21 cm. Source : National Library, Calcutta, *Sämänyanirukti prakaranam with Didhiti' comm. by Raghunätha Siromani, 'Jägadisi' comm. by Jagadlsa Tarkälankära and 4Tätparyadipikä' by Yädavendra Nätha Räya. Medinipur, Visvambhara Räya, 1977. 85p. 25cm. Source : National Library, Calcutta. Gangesa Upädhyäya—contd. ^Savyabhicära Prakaranam. [Ä work on the Navya Nyäya system of philosophy] With the comm. Didhiti, GädädharT, vivrti, manoramä and Kalisankarl. Benaies, 1940.

With Didhiti of Raghunatha &iromani. Benares, 1919. (Chowkhambä) Sanskrit Series, no. 264. Tättvacintämani with Gadädharl (Yyaptiväda, vol. II). With Didhiti of Raghunatha Siromani. Benares, 1919. (Chowkhambä Sanskrit Series, no. 264). Tättvacintämani, with Güdärthadipikä by Raghudeva Bhattäcärya. MSS Tättvacintämani; Jägadisi, by Jagadiga Tarkälankara. Jägadi$iya Caturdajsalaksani. Visäkhapattam, Arsha Press, 1880. pp. [3] 97. 17 x 11 cm. Kevalanvayyänumäna. Being the sections of Pürvapaksa and Siddhänta from the Anumänakhanda of the Tättvacintämani.

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