Download e-book for iPad: Alligator Metabolism Studies on Chemical Reactions in Vivo by Roland A. Coulson, Thomas Hernandez

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By Roland A. Coulson, Thomas Hernandez

ISBN-10: 0080297765

ISBN-13: 9780080297767

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Alligators) were injected with a single amino acid in the amount of 10mmol/kg. Only one amino acid was given at a time but a total of 17 different amino acids were tested. Blood was drawn at intervals and ana­ lyzed for the amino acid administered and the rate of disappearance of that amino acid was determined. Blood flow for each animal was calculated on the assumption that it was proportional to 0 2 consump­ tion. ). How well did the concept work in practice? Con­ sidering the opportunities for experimental error the results were quite good.

N o matter how the subject is treated mathematically, one must still determine the validity of the relationship either by experiment or by use of published data as follows. Five different species (rats, dogs, lizards, turtles and * Although plasma is used for some analyses, and whole blood for others, it is convenient to express the flow rate in terms of whole blood. This does not introduce an error in determination of the A-V difference, which will be numeri­ cally the same whether determined on whole blood or plasma.

Once again, it appears that either metabolic rate must determine the rate of protein turnover, or the amount of protein turnover is less than that supposed, or the cost of protein resynthesis is less than the cost of protein synthesis de novo. 4 mol of ATP in a futile cycle, he has lost a further 10% of his resting ATP, which when combined with the 50-70% loss from operation of the pump leaves only 20-40% of the daily ATP produc­ tion to maintain all other chemical and physical pro­ cesses. It is not easy to accept the existence of two futile cycles operating at a total cost of 60-80% of an animal's fuel supply.

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