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By Robert Ware

ISBN-10: 0919491154

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Subject matters coated comprise analytical Marxism, technique, exploitation, and materialism. Contents: advent; what's a Marxist Today?; what's residing and what's lifeless in Marxism?; Analytical Marxism and Morality; tips on how to Make No experience of Marx; Elster, Marx and technique; Marxism and renowned Politics: The Microfoundations of sophistication clash; neighborhood, culture, and the sixth Thesis on Feuerbach; Methodological Individualism, mental Individualism and the security of cause; moment suggestions on estate family and Exploitation; John Roemer's monetary Philosophy and the Perils of Formalism; at the Exploitation of Cotton, Corn and hard work; a substitute for 'Distributive' Marxism: additional strategies on Roemer, Cohen, and Exploitation; Roemer vs. Marx; should still an individual have an interest in Exploitation?; Exploitation and Equality: Labour strength as a Non-Commodity; Marxism, Materialism and ancient growth; Ruling rules; Rationality and Alienation; In Defence of Abundance; Afterword.

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They each take up an important part of Marx's work and carefully investigate what Marx said and/or should have said on the particular matter. A. Cohen's technological interpretation of historical materialism which explains historical development in terms of the development of productive forces. Satz contends that this view is inadequate because it ignores the moral progress towards communism, which, she argues, must be explained by objective non-moral values. To Cohen's view of history she adds the intentional mechanism of classes coming to recognize their interest in those objective values, most notably freedom.

I think the articles collected in this volume show the value and high quality of work that can be produced. It is also important that despite the differences of approach indicated above there is important interdisciplinary work that brings diverse approaches in contact. ) The work in this volume exemplifies this interdisciplinary contact. Although most of the contributors to this volume are philosophers, a significant portion of their work deals with the social scientists' analytical Marxism. There are also important contributions by social scientists.

Section II begins with Joseph McCarney's critique of Elster's understanding of dialectics, considered by Elster to be one of Marx's central contributions. For Elster, social contradictions are about non-universalizability, a matter of formal logic. McCarney indicates various ways in which Elster's characterization of non-universalizability is obscure and fails to apply to dynamic social change. An interesting suggestion at the end is that Elster may not actually be a methodological individualist and thus need not withhold contradictions from class struggle.

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