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This variation of size effect can be represented by the equation (2) where =concrete compressive strength, V=specimen volume and a, b and c are positive constants depending on the experimental data from a given mix. 8 Investigation by Fuss16 on carefully sealed solid and hollow cylinders varying in size from 6à 12 mm (0·25à 0·5 in) to 25à 50 mm (1à 2 in), showed that with proper sealing and no loss of moisture, cylinder size had no significant effect on the compressive strength. 18 Over 500 cylinders ranging in size from 25à 50 mm (1à 2 in) to 150à 300 mm (6à 12 in) were tested at ages of 3, 7 and 14 days.

Rao proposed a correction with a finite limitation as31 (5) where ft=minimum tensile strength flimit=strength of standard specimen in the investigation C, D=experimental constants The tensile strength variation with size using the two equations is shown in Fig. 11. 03 Fig. 11. 4 Evaluation of data on size effects in tension Sabnis et al. 9 For various strength con< previous page page_57 next page > < previous page page_58 next page > Page 58 cretes, 14â 42 MPa (2000â 6000 psi), the indirect tensile strength for 50Ã 100 mm (2Ã 4 in) cylinder was observed to vary between 10 and 12% of the results from 150Ã 300mm cylinders and between 11 and 12% for 25Ã 50mm (1Ã 2 in) cylinders.

8. 14 < previous page page_54 < previous page page_55 Page 55 SMALL SCALE MODELLING OF CONCRETE STRUCTURES 45 next page > next page > 45 46 SMALL SCALE MODELLING OF CONCRETE STRUCTURES Fig. 9. 26 Fig. 10. 27 < previous page page_55 < previous page page_56 Page 56 next page > next page > showed that the mean strength and standard deviation decreased as the specimen size increased (Fig. 10). The measured values of the principal tensile and compressive strains on the circular faces of the different size test specimens used for the split cylinder tests at a load value equal to half of the ultimate load and at one load stage just before failure were of the same order.

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