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By Virginia Yip

ISBN-10: 0203169697

ISBN-13: 9780203169698

ISBN-10: 0415193842

ISBN-13: 9780415193849

ISBN-10: 0415193850

ISBN-13: 9780415193856

I really personal the demanding reproduction yet sought after the publication model for my ipad library for comfort. I wasn't too satisfied whilst i realized that each one of the textual content (though the images have it) didn't contain tone marks for the 1st (high pitch) tone...rendering the e-book dead to any learner. To the editor: Please repair and resend or supply us again our cash!

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The tourist very politely thus asked me) The tourist asked me very politely Go s((g%%i hóu daaih-lihk gám s&&an mùhn (lit. the driver very big-force thus closed door) The driver closed the door hard Note here also the use of gám by itself or gám yéuhng to mean ‘in this way’: Ngóh mh ` wúih gám góng I wouldn’t put it like that )i gám yéung sái chín Kéuih mh ` y((ngg) He shouldn’t waste money in this way 3 Reduplicated adverbs A limited number of adverbs of manner are formed by repeating an adjective and adding the suffix -déi: Unit 10 49 gw&&ai h%%ng obedient → gw&&ai-gw&&ai-déi light → h%%ng-h%%ng-déi obediently lightly These are placed before the verb they modify: *ngfo Léih yiu gw&&ai-gw&&ai-déi jouh g* (lit.

28 Unit 6 ) d((ksí Heunggóng yáuh hóu d) (lit. Hong Kong have very many taxis) There are lots of taxis in Hong Kong N((douh móuh hùhngm&&au (lit. here not-have pandas) There are no pandas here Tói seuhngmihn yáuh géi jek díp (lit. table on-top have a few plates) There are a few plates on the table Notice that no preposition is needed: the sentence simply begins with the place expression (see Unit 13). yáuh in this sense also serves to introduce an indefinite noun phrase: Yáuh (y&&t) go yàhn wán léih (not *Y&&t go yàhn wán léih) (lit.

Thank you! I like it! Again, when several statements are made about the same subject, it is usually understood after its first mention. If you are introducing yourself, for example, it is sufficient to use ngóh once: Ngóh giu Mary, g&&m lín sahp-baat seui, làih H%% unggóng jouh g&&auwuhn hohks&&ang (lit. I called Mary, this year eighteen years old, come Hong Kong as exchange student) My name is Mary, [I’m] eighteen this year, [I] came to Hong Kong as an exchange student The third person: he, she and it The third-person pronoun kéuih means ‘he’ or ‘she’, without distinction of gender.

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