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By Geoffrey H. Bourne

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Roy. Soc. {London) B 102,188 (1927). INTRACELLXJLAR LOCALIZATION OF ENZYMES AND VITAMINS 19 mitochondria. Horning and Richardson78 showed that in Opalina mitochondria are associated with the formation of what appear to be protein bodies. A number of authors have presented cytological descriptions of small granules clustered round mitochondria, and these are claimed to be the products of synthesis of the mitochondria. However, two types of microsome (small cytoplasmic elements, about 100 to 200 ηΐμ in diameter) are known, one of which is composed mainly of glycogen or glycogen associated with a protein, and it may be that the particles around the mitochondria are actually collections of this type of microsome undergoing glycolysis and providing pyruvic acid for the mitochondria to metabolize.

Epithelia which are normally stratified become more cornified. Wolbach and Howe9 showed that the earliest epithelial changes occurred in the respiratory system. Next the ducts of various glands were affected, then the eyes, and about the same time there were changes in the epithelium of the glands associated with the eyes and of the alimentary tract. Wolfe and Salter11 showed that in white mice suffering from vitamin A deficiency the stratified keratinized cells which replaced columnar and ciliated epithelia appeared in small clumps below the normal cells.

H. , 1951. 111 E. Tonutti, Protoplasma 31, 151 (1938). 112 S. A. Barnett and G. H. Bourne, Quart. J. Microscop. Set. 83, 457 (1941). 110 Perhaps one of the most significant experiments is that of Tonutti, 111 who injected the dye trypan blue (which is known to be segregated in the Golgi region of cells) and vitamin C together into a pregnant and a normal animal. The preparations were subsequently stained to demonstrate vitamin C. Sections of kidney and placenta showed that the vitamin C granules were localized in the same region as the trypan blue.

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