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By Joella Yoder

A list of the Manuscripts of Christiaan Huygens inventories all recognized manuscripts written through Christiaan Huygens , all letters to or from him, plus family members papers at UB Leiden. It additionally offers whole manuscript citations for Oeuvres Complètes .

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79v–80r OC 19: 96 · inc. ut qu. diametri ad quadratum circumferentiae · F. 80r blank. not edited Related calculations. 80v–83r OC 13: 428–9 · inc. Volui examinare quantum aberratio. not edited Five and one-half pages of related calculations and algebra. 83v–86v not edited · inc. AB = x BE = y AF = a AL = b · Ff. 84v, 85r, 86v blank. On Alhazen’s problem. 87r–v OC 6: 383–5 · inc. A Mr. Galois pour le Journal · 1669 · Draft of letter #1715; day and month not on draft. 88r–89v OC 13: 429–31 · inc.

106r–107v OC 19: 133 · inc. trou de 3 lignes. not edited Four pages of related calculations and drawings. 108r not edited · inc. 2a +b · Three diagrams and algebra involving a conoid. 108v–109v OC 19: 137–9 · inc. Machine pour mesurer la vitisse du vent · June 1669 · Behind f. 109, one folio removed. 110r not edited · inc. Sinclarus a Mariotte · Two drawings of a rotating device mounted on a stand. ) with related work on time of fall. Small drawing of a face. 110v–111r OC 19: 69 · inc. EC = a. not edited Related geometry.

On f. 130bis v, eight drawings of the compound pendulum. 129bis r-v OC 18: 394 fig. 130 · inc. Cette figure en roulant · An insert (210×165), now bound in. Recto blank except a doodle in red chalk. 131r not edited · inc. Acceleratio horologij spatio 24 horarum · The table of OC 18: 347, which was edited from the published version. Drawing of a circle with attached balls under centrifugal force; related smaller drawings. Calculation leading to 344 2/9. 131v OC 18: 414–5 · inc. AC vel ED = a · In pencil.

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