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By Yuri Averbakh

ISBN-10: 1857441257

ISBN-13: 9781857441253

During this better half quantity to his vintage Chess Endings: crucial wisdom, Grandmaster Averbakh takes the reader throughout the quite a few steps to luck within the middlegame. He explains the tactical abilities and positional thoughts that each chessplayer must master.Features:Co-ordinating the piecesAttack and defenceCombinations and sacrifices...and a lot moreYuri Averbakh is a former Soviet champion and international championship candidate. he's additionally the writer of the five-volume treatise entire Chess Endings (also translated via Ken Neat) and the perennially well known Chess Endings: crucial Knowledge.Specifications:Author: AverbakhBook variety: Paperback, 1999Notation: Figurine NotationPages: 108

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2541. Bogoljubow inscription Our collection contains a copy of Reuben Fine’s Basic Chess Endings (Philadelphia, 1941) inscribed by Bogoljubow to Warren Goldman on 7 August 1947: 2542. Double rook sacrifice A game showing that even a leading tactician may succumb to the double rook sacrifice: E. ) 17 Kd2 Qxa1 18 Qxa8+ Ke7 19 Qe8+ Kf6 20 Qd8+ Resigns. Source: Tidskrift för Schack, July-August 1920, page 143. 2543. Untimely death notices A surprising number of publications have misguidedly shovelled into the grave various chess figures who were, to a greater or lesser degree, still alive.

The FIDE rejected it! The reasons for this crassly stupid decision are hard to find. You can send ten very wise men into a committee room and they may make a very stupid committee. Invoke the curse of Babel and the confusion is intensified. Add a group of men whose heads are slightly puffed by the positions they have attained, and who are spitefully jealous of any scheme to which their own name is not affixed and you get results like this. […] It is almost superfluous to add that the FIDE, still floundering like an inebriated elephant, managed to reject Capablanca’s claims as official challenger in favour of Flohr’s.

Franz Tendering, a dynamic player, died on 18 August 1875 at the age of 27. The report on page 284 of the September 1875 Deutsche Schachzeitung mentioned that his demise ran counter to the popular belief that anyone whose death was wrongly announced would enjoy a long life; Tendering had been fallaciously declared dead in the March 1872 Deutsche Schachzeitung, pages 7980, with a retraction published on page 128 of the April 1872 issue. Page 185 of La Stratégie, June 1879 reported that a number of other Parisian publications had mistakenly announced the death of Morphy.

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