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The wait is over. eventually it’s the following. .. the a lot expected 4th variation of John Watson’s Play the French  – the must-have booklet for all French Defence avid gamers for over twenty years! Watson’s hugely acclaimed paintings provides a repertoire for Black within the French Defence opposed to all of White’s well-known techniques.

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Bxb2 This gambit gives White quick development and control of the center at the cost of two pawns initially. However, current opinion reports that to properly beat off the attacking waves, at least one and sometimes both pawns must be returned. d5 by Black. Even so, inventive attacking players can still use the resulting open lines to play a complex game. e4 c5 40 | Chess Basic Openings Play can continue. e4, as it balances the white advantage with flank play. d4. c3. One problem with the Sicilian is that there is a vast amount of theory written on it, and in a sharp opening like this, you can wind up in trouble if you don't know it.

It is an advantage because it is likely to lead to a passed pawn. A player who is ahead a pawn or two may try to trade off pieces and then get a passed pawn. A player with fewer pawns will try to hold onto his pieces in case he needs to sacrifice one to prevent a pawn promotion. A local pawn majority is a majority in one section of the board. If a player has a local pawn majority, he may focus play on that side to get a passed pawn. g. one has a queenside pawn majority while the other has a kingside majority), each side will try to restrict the other's play on their majority side while attempting to focus play on their side in an attempt to get a passed pawn.

Often compensation can refer to having the initiative or in trapping the opponents king in a vulnerable position. A pawn majority on one wing or a passed pawn can also sometimes be considered compensation for a minor piece. Generally the player who is down on material has to act quickly and avoid exchanging pieces to prevent the enemy from making his material advantage count. 32 | Chess Strategy Zugzwang A Zugzwang situation that occurs when any move a player makes will weaken his/her position, however, he/she is compelled to move in accordance to the rules.

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