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By Hans Binnendijk, Patricj M. Cronin

ISBN-10: 0160831660

ISBN-13: 9780160831669

This lexicon is inten ded as a device to he lp strip aw ay one resource of the endem ic miscommunication and friction that now plagues either infantrymen and civilians, governm ent and non-government, who plan, coordinate, and execute the advanced set of overlapping civil-military actions and projects th at have come to charact erize armed conflicts and their afterm ath. jointly often called complicated operations1, they call for, yet too usually lack, a feeling of universal goal and m utual knowing be tween a wide range of planne rs and practitioners, all of whom convey with them assorted organizati onal cultures, international visions, and operational methods. those disconnects can , and too frequently do, create conf usion, at tim es with tragic effects, either at the floor and between policy-m akers. a part of that confusion stem s from the generally various vocabulary utilized by those m any actors. each one association possesses their very own targeted terminology, completely transparent to them , yet foggy to others. even if phrases glance and sound customary they generally have really varied and occasionally alien meanings. someone who has attended an acronym and jargon -laced coordination assembly of m ilitary, civilian govt, and NGO representatives is aware the disappointment of attempting to interpret what's intended by means of phrases that experience many various connotations. it's in hopes of lessening this confusion that this lexicon has been compiled.

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Comparison of Presidential Decision Directive 56 and National Security Presidential Directive 44 1997 Presidential Decision Directive 561 Scope: “Complex contingency operations” 2005 National Security Presidential Directive 442 such as peace operations and humanitarian intervention that presumably will not involve combat Scope: “Reconstruction and stabilization” Coordinating Structure: Coordinating Structure: Executive Committee (EXCOM) of diverse agencies (Assistant Secretary rank), normally chaired by National Security Council (NSC) Policy Coordination Committee (Under Secretary or Assistant Secretary rank) of diverse agencies, chaired by State and NSC staff member Products and Process: Supporting Structure, Products, and Process: Policy: EXCOM develops policy options for consideration by senior policymakers Supporting Interagency Management System structure at multiple levels: Q Country Reconstruction and Stabilization Group at the Assistant Secretary level Planning: integrated, interagency politicalmilitary implementation plan Execution: rehearsal identifies implementation issues; during execution, regular reviews ensure milestones are met and adjustments made After-action Review: post-event assessment of interagency performance captures lessons Training: Deputy Assistant Secretary–level managers trained in planning and execution Agency Review and Implementation: agencies assure lessons disseminated and acted upon activities for areas at risk of, in, or in transition from, conflict; clearly can include sustained combat operations Q Integration Planning Cell that deploys to Combatant Commands Q Advance Civilian Teams that deploy to the field to support the Chief of Mission Tools to ensure unity of effort:3 Q Interagency conflict assessment methodology Q Essential tasks matrix and best practice guides Q Interagency process to capture/share lessons Assessment of Utility: Assessment of Utility: Helpful for policy coordination but too detailed to keep pace with events.

An April 2008 House Armed Services Committee hearing highlighted the differences on how to improve the integration of the national security bureaucracy. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates testified together on the value of their collaborative efforts to use security assistance to help friendly powers fight terrorists. However, on the more general question of whether major structural reform of the national security system is required, they were of two minds.

S. officials to the tradeoffs in making judgments about confidence levels and risks associated with complex operations and foreign policy. Scenarios cannot be used to predict the future, nor should they bind the United States to specific dictates. Actual contingencies can prove to be very different from the events contemplated by scenarios. S. policies, plans, and programs are in the strategic ballpark. By postulating specific contingencies, scenarios can be used to help gauge overall civilian response capacity manpower requirements and judge how alternative policy options perform in light of these requirements.

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