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By L Indira; K Nagaraju; Zameer Ahmed K

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2. Alduronic Acid These are the sugar acids in which the primary alcohol of the glucose molecule is oxidised to carboxyl group leaving the aldehydic group. , C6 is oxidised to carboxyl group in presence of an enzyme. r H 0H OH (3-D-Gaiacturonic acid a-D-Glucuronic acid Biological Importance of Alduronic acid Glucuronic acid is a component of heparin (Blood anticoagulant) and chondroitin (component of cartilage). Galactonic acid is a component of fruit pectin. 3. Aldaric Acid Aldohexose on strong oxidation like conc.

Glucosamine is a constituent of hyaluronic acid and galactosamine is an important constituent of chondroitin. H w---o H H a-D Glucosamine (2-Amino-2-deoxy-D-Glucose) a-D-Galactosamine (2-Amino-2-deoxy-D-Galactose) N-acetyl glucosamine (NAGA) and N-acetYI galactosamine are the important components of chitin, heparin, hyaluronic acid of connective tissue and blood group substances. HO H OH H NH NH I I c=o c=o I I CH 3 CH3 N-Acetyl giucosamine N-Acetyl galactosamine The aminosugar derivative N-acetyl muramic acid (NAMA) which consists N-acetyl glucosamine and on ether linkage with lactic acid.

There are two major groups of heteroglycans, one group consists of the neutral sugar while the other group consist of the mucopolysaccharides. Examples: Hyaluronic acid, Chondroitin sulphates, heparin. On the basis of the function the polysaccharides are divided into two class. They are: -40- 1. Storage Polysaccharides (a) Starch College Biochemistry - V Starch is th~ storage polysaccharide present in the plants. Starch is made up two components 1. Amylose (20%) 2. Amylopectin (80%) Source for starch: Potatoes, cereals grains and fruits are the good sources of starch.

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College biochemistry. / V by L Indira; K Nagaraju; Zameer Ahmed K

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