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By R.G. Grant

ISBN-10: 140533696X

ISBN-13: 9781405336963

This can be a visible consultant to the strategies, campaigns, and genius of the best army commanders in heritage. From Alexander the Great's conquest of the identified international correct as much as the generals top brand new campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq, "Commanders" casts new mild at the leaders who've solid heritage at the battlefield. jam-packed with detailed illustrations and images, conflict maps and artefacts, discover the lives and conquests of over 240 commanders, with in-depth profiles on 21 key figures, reminiscent of Julius Caesar, Napoleon and Nelson. realize extra approximately their enemies, from Pompey and Boudicca to Marshal Ney and Kutuzov, revealing their defining moments and key battles. "Clash of the Commanders" positive aspects express how one commander triumphed and one other failed, with timelines plotting the most important strikes on each side. prices from the commanders themselves, good points on their own results, guns, cars and photographs, all convey the lives and careers of those commanders to existence.

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Yet none could claim to equal the scope of the campaigns conducted by Shapur II. In Indian history the great Maurya emperors have a special place as conquerors of exceptional moral and spiritual distinction. was the largest military operation, involving hundreds of thousands of men. Unifying China under his rule, Zheng declared himself the First Emperor as Qin Shi Huangdi. A centralized administration and the concentration of military force in the imperial army allowed the emperor to pacify China, but his general, Meng Tian, conducted campaigns against the Xiongnu nomads on the northern frontier and supervised work on the Great Wall to shut out the steppe horsemen.

In 203 BCE, after 16 years in Italy, Hannibal was recalled to defend Carthage against a Roman invasion. He faced Scipio Africanus at Zama with an army of raw recruits, while the invaluable Numidian cavalry were now fighting for the Romans. Hannibal was defeated, and Carthage was forced to make peace on humiliating terms. Hannibal spent the remainder of his life fleeing Roman vengeance around the Mediterranean. In his last battle in 190 BCE, he commanded the Syrian fleet of Antiochus III against Rhodes.

Augustus’s throne had been won in war and rested on the support of the army. He turned the legions into permanent formations with a strong sense of identity, while ensuring they were mostly employed far from Rome and were well rewarded. Augustus’s four decades of absolute rule brought expansion of the Roman empire and much fighting at the periphery, but he no longer campaigned in person. However, this did not stop him taking credit for his legions’ victories. 1500 Known as Octavian in his youth, the Emperor Augustus was the adopted son of Julius Caesar.

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