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By Susan Sontag

ISBN-10: 8483464209

ISBN-13: 9788483464205

Publicado por primera vez en 1966, este celebrado libro de Susan Sontag, su primera colección de ensayos, se convirtió rápidamente en un clásico contemporáneo que ha tenido una gran influencia en el pensamiento sobre el arte y l. a. cultura contemporáneos, no solo circunscrita a Estados Unidos. Además del ensayo que le da título y el famoso «Notas sobre lo camp», Contra los angeles interpretación y otros ensayos incluye textos originales y provocativos sobre Sartre, Simone Weil, Godard, Beckett, los angeles ciencia ficción, el cine, el psicoanálisis y el pensamiento religioso contemporáneo. «Los ensayos de Susan Sontag son grandes interpretaciones, incluso acontecimientos, sobre lo que está sucediendo realmente.» Carlos Fuentes

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How are such challenges met? Generally, the proponent of the work in question responds by telling a story that links the contested work to preceding art, and artmaking practices and contexts, in such a way that the work under fire can be seen to be the intelligible outcome of recognizable modes of thinking and making already of a sort commonly adjudged to be artistic. This mode of proceeding, of course, presupposes that we already know that some objects are art, that we understand what is important about these objects, and that there is agreement about this.

In searching for a necessary condition for art status, we are looking for a property possessed by every artwork. Formalism seems to make the most promising proposal, especially in contrast to rival theories like representationalism and expressionism. Formalism 35 The common denominator argument suggests that form is the most plausible contender we can find for a necessary condition of art status. But this argument does not provide us with a sufficient condition for art status, since many things other than art also possess form.

How, then, do we determine whether some yet unencountered activity is a game? By taking note of whether or not it resembles in significant respects some things that we already regard as paradigmatic games. When certain computer activities arrived on the scene, we counted them as games because of their many similarities to things that we already took to be paradigmatic cases of games: they involved competition, scoring, turn-taking, counters, leisure time, etc. There was no fixed number of similarities required.

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