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The wait is over. ultimately it’s the following. .. the a lot expected 4th version of John Watson’s Play the French  – the must-have e-book for all French Defence gamers for over two decades! Watson’s hugely acclaimed paintings offers a repertoire for Black within the French Defence opposed to all of White’s well-known ideas.

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This loses a tempo, although at the moment this doesn't change the result. White can win more directly with 41 g4! Bxh4 42 f4 Be7 43 g5 and f6. Kxa4 42 g4 Kxb5 43 g5 Ke6 (Diagram 76) 44 g6?? After this move Black miraculously achieves a blockade of the white pawns. 44 f6! still wins; for example, 44 ... Kd6 45 fxe7 Kxe7 46 f5 a5 47 h5 a4 48 g6 hxg6 49 h6! Kf6 50 h7 Kg7 51 e7, or 44 ... Bd8 45 f7! Be7 46 h5 Kd6 47 g6 hxg6 48h6!. hxg6 45 fxg6 Bf6 46 h5 Kd6 47 f5 a5?? He who blunders last ... After 47 ...

59 ... £3+ 62 Kh2 Kf4 63 Kh3 Kf5 64 Kg3 Ke4 65 Bb6 etc. 60 ... Ke51-0 Black resigned without waiting for 61 Kxg2 Ke4 62 Bb6 f3+ 63 Kg3, for example. Example 51 Arkell-Michalet, Uzes 1989 Diagram 69 (8) White wins Diagram 70 (W) White wins In Diagram 69 White wins due to both the dominant position of his king and the possibility of a bishop sacrifice. 70 ... f5 Guaranteeing simplification, but ... Other moves also lose: a) 70 ... e5 cripples Black's pawn structure: 71 Be4 f6 72 Bf5 and Black is in zugzwang.

NOTE: If Black had an extra pawn on, say, the d4-square, this would make no difference to the result. With his king stalemated, Black couid simply push this d-pawn until it is captured. The attacker can win if he prevents the defending king from reaching the crucial corner. Example 30 (Diagralll 40) Black's task is complicated by the fact that he still has to pick up White's pawn on h3, but despite this he can win with precise play. Bd4! The only move, as White was threatening Kf2-g2. 83 Kfl Again threatening Kg2.

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