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By Peter W. Hawkes (Eds.)

ISBN-10: 0120147467

ISBN-13: 9780120147465

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84, 85. 86, 87, 90, 116 complementary half plane objective apcrtures, M:7, 251-252 problem and, M:7, 230-242,247-249 tilted illumination, M7, 240 Bright-field TEM, E W . 211 Brightly-imaged, ES:20, 9 Brightness, ES:22, 152, 161. Ih3, 378, 403 apple tube, DS:l, 103 banana system, DS:I, 200 beam. S ~ PBeam brightness concept of, ES:3. 69-73 differential, ES:71. 40 electron beam, M:8, 130 beam cross-section, as a function ot, M:8, 173 bcarii current and, M:8, 181 calculation, M:8, 166. 171 cathode diameter and, M:X, I X l - I X 2 , 183 cathode temperature and, M:8, 170 cathode Wehnclt and cutoff voltage tlifferencc, 21s a function of, M:X, 181 ci~rves,maxima in, M:8, 184-185 expcriniental determination, M:8.

61-02 intcnsity-brightness curve, ES:13A, 195, 197. 211-214 invnriance, ES:13A, 179- 182 lanthanum hexaboridc gun, ES: 13B, 80-87 measurement of, ES:13A, 201-235 negative ion be;ini, ES:13B, 68 relation to eniittance, ES:13A, 186-187 scmning ion microscopes, ES:13A, 204-265, 268-280, 320 spccific brightness, ES: 13A, 264-205 symbols and conventions, ES:13A, 252-254 tungsten hairpin gun. ES:13B, 85 Beam current, ES:4, 75 and electron-electron interaction. ES:13B. 11 1-112 electron gun, ES:13C, 14s-151 extraction of ion beams for plasma sources, ES:13C, 21 1 solid emitters, ES:13C, 227 tield emission gun, ES:13B, 91-92 limits, DS:1, 20, 28, 20, 31, 34 thermionic gun, ES:13B, 87-89 Beam damage, M:II, 95 Beam deflection acoustooptic, D:2, 40-44 digital system in, D:2, 41 galvanometer type, D:2, 37-40 in laser displays, lk2, 31-44 raster irregularity compensation in.

184-186 threshold condition, E90, 331-332 Beam alignment. E:83. 127 Beam blanking, E83, 129 Bcam breakup, ES:22, 399 cumulative, ES:22, 400 instabilities, ES:22, 349, 365 rcgenerativc, ES:22, 401 suppression, ES:22, 400 threshold, ES:22, 400 Beam brightness, ES:13A, 159-259: ES:13B, 58; ES:13C. 481-483 basic definitions, ES:13A, 176-184 brightness-current curve, ES:13A, 229 and entropy, ES:13C, 484 ticld cniission gun. ES:13B. 90 field ion sources, ES:13B. 61-02 intcnsity-brightness curve, ES:13A, 195, 197.

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